Norwich City’s Alex Neil will not sell his rising stars

After finishing the 2015-16 season of the Premier League at the 19th spot, Norwich City was relegated and dropped to the 2nd tier English League Championship.

It’s now the task of Alex Neil to promote them back to the Premier League and the manager wants to accomplish this by not selling any of his rising stars including: Jacob Murphy and James Maddison.

Jacob Murphy is a 21 year old forward who has been moving from club to club on loan deals. This is a fairly traditional method for managers to give younger players or player who don’t have a good chance to get in their own first team, an option to get playing time and experience in a different club.


Norwich City To Get The Most Out Of Its Players

If you focus on Norwich City and the strategies or players they are lining up, one of the star players on their team is Ivo Pinto who is considered to be the wild card of the team.

Having come aboard the team, it did take him some time to get adjusted to the rules of English football.

However, by the time the club had played their part in the Premiership League this season it seemed that Ivo Pinto had gotten the hang of the game. The summer series that is coming up will hold more obstacles in store for Ivo and he would have to brush up his fundamentals well in order to prove useful to his team.


Norwich City might be in a financial crisis after relegation

It is believed that Norwich City is currently in a financial crisis and have put up their entire squad for sale.

According to some reports, the current owners Delia Smith and her husband Michael Wynn Jone are unwilling to invest any more money into the team as they look to sell the club to foreign investors.

In a statement released by the Norwich City board, the club has said that their priority is to find another chief executive. Indeed, McNally resigned last week as the chief executive of the club, and they will need to find another one that could help manage the day-to-day affairs of the club. There is also a decision to take on whether Alex Neil will remain as manager of the club following their relegation to the Championship. The statement did not provide any hints on whether Alex Neil will stay as the manager or not.


Norwich City And Its Lineup To The Finish

As of today Norwich City along with Sunderland and Newcastle are preparing for the countdown of Premier League to begin.

The faces of David McNally and Alex Neil as bosses of Norwich City portrayed a tense picture in the background. The season is coming to an end for Premier League participating teams. Norwich City faces major challenge and so do rivals Sunderland and Newcastle United. Many feel that finance and football are both decided by the fortunes at the Premier League. English football has become a gold rush from the time its popularity began in the nineties.


Jose Mourinho says that his rivals in England are trying to buy the title

Chelsea are the current champions of England as they went through a very impressive 2014-15 Premier League which saw the team of Jose Mourinho only losing 3 matches in their entire campaign.

However, Chelsea wasn’t always such a dominating club. Chelsea only truly began to rise in the world of football in 2003 which was the date when the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich bought the Premier League club and started to spend huge amounts of cash in signing new players.

When Jose Mourinho arrived to Stamford Bridge as the head coach, the Portuguese coach almost spent €99 million as soon as he made his way to Chelsea but now Jose Mourinho is saying that his main rivals in the Premier League are attempting to buy the league title.

Alex Neil reckons by helping Norwich City

Alex Neil reckons by helping Norwich City get back to the League, he has managed to live up to the expectations that the club owners had with him.

Neil had been given the charge of Norwich in the middle of the previous season.

The Canaries were struggling with a bit of inconsistency at that point in time, but, with him coming in, everything was back on track and the team finished the season as the winner of the Championship playoffs.

According to Neil, at the start of his tenure in January, he was feeling a bit of heat and was afraid he might let himself and other people down. But, he is glad things did not unfold that way.

Norwich job was the first proper assignment for Neil as far as the management is concerned.
For the last couple of years, he had been coaching at Hamilton Academicals, but, he was a player cum manager there and the pressure was not that intense on him.